My passions are to travel, meet new people, and learn something new every day. Today I’m constantly looking for new challenges that help clients celebrate momentous occasions in their lives. Whether that’s doing a small event for a new client, directing a large production, creating new ways for bringing an idea to life, or helping to bring a traditional event to fruition, I get excited. Just like you, I want to create that memorable occasion that is a reflection of you and brings out the best in you. If you want the “undead” at a 50th birthday party, or a circus themed wedding, we’ll make it happen. To do that, I look for clients who are adventurous, open to collaborating and up for doing something that’s unique. Like creating a magical ceremony under 200-year-old oak in Charleston along the marsh, or even having a key lime pie tower instead of a wedding cake. (Yes, this happened!) My team and I can do your event at your home or in a venue large or small. Our strengths lies in the fact that we are detail-oriented as well as our ability to be intensely dedicated but laid back. We’re aware of the latest trends, but don’t feel compelled to follow them. We know and appreciate all of the classic rules of etiquette, and we can either follow them “to a T”, or throw them out the window. And, we understand the challenges that come with merging families and cultures.  We can help take the uncertainty and fear out of any family logistics. Because we have the experience, we invariably have a result that is exciting, but tasteful, original, but within the bounds of your comfort zone, memorable but within your budget. When I’m not working on an event, I live in Chester with my husband and two cats, Cleopatra and Lucille. To recharge, I golf, cook and explore new places. If my team and I sound like the kind of people you’d like to create your event with, let’s talk

Anne B. Collins

Owner/Creative Director

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